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Emigration to America

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Morris's Family
Morris was a first generation American born of two Norwegian immigrants, who became naturalized citizens.
Wold Kjos
Morris' father:

Ole Peter Martinusen Grønvold
arrived in 1903
Morris' mother:

Sissel Kjos
arrived in 1905


Susan's Family

Susan was a second and third generation American on her mother's side, born of Norwegian immigrants. On her father's side, a Crum was probably the most recent immigrant. But that remains to be discovered. Paul Crum was the son of Helen Bixby, English ancestry, and Taylor Crum. Crum may be Dutch or German or Scottish. We do not know yet.

Paul Crum Ingrid Kirkeberg
Crum Bixby  Kirkeberg Kirkeberg

Susan's great-great grandfather:

William Crum
or one of his forefathers and WHEN was that?

Susan's great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather:

Joseph Bixby
arrived in about 1645

Susan's great grandfather and great grandmother:

Anders Knudsen Kirkeberg
Ingrid Siri Gundersdatter Jukam
arrived in 1848

Susan's grandmother:

Gunhild Marie Eriksdatter Wold
arrrived in 1880