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Morris Wold's Grønvold Lineage

"Grønvold" was the family name in Norway. It still as a matter of fact, as there are branches still going strong in the original valleys.

However, when Ole Petter Martinussen Grønvold emigrated to "Amerika" from Norway,  the Grønvold family farm could only support so many: he left behind very hard times in the fields of Norway, as did many Scandinavians in that period of history.  Perhaps, as the oldest son of the seven children that had survived, he felt the greatest obligation to relieve his family of at least one burden by leaving for the promise of a better life on the plains of the mid-West prairie states.

We don't know for sure... it's just one of the things that we never thought to ask him or his son or his wife when the chances do so were there. But we do know that one of the first things Ole did was anglicize his name to "Wold."

We also know with certainty that seven years later, on the 7th of March 1910, when he became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, his name was legally registered as Ole Petter Wold. And he was proud to be a naturalized American citizen.

First Generation

  1. Morris Theodor Wold, son of Ole Peter Martinusen Grønvold Wold and Sidsel Trondsdatter Kjøseie Kjos, was born 24 Jul 1913 in Minot, North Dakota, died 17 Aug 1990 in McMinnville, Oregon at age 77.

Morris married   Susan Helen (Honey) Crum, daughter of Paul Crum and Ingrid Christine Kirkeberg. Susan was born on 31 Jan 1913 in Minot, Ward, North Dakota and died on 27 February 2005 in Homer, Alaska, at the age of 92.

Second Generation (Parents)

  2. Ole Peter Martinusen Grønvold Wold, son of 4. Martinus Pedersen Grønvold and 5. Anne Mathea Olsdatter Snekkersveen, was born 14 Dec 1885 in Østre Toten, Grønvold Farm, Norway, died 12 Jul 1970 in Minot, North Dakota at age 84.

Ole married   3. Sidsel (Sissel) Trondsdatter Kjøseie Kjos. Sissel was born 4 Sep 1890 in Vang, Valdres Valley, Sore Holtun, an "underfarm" of the Kjøs Farm, Norway, and died 3 Aug 1979 in Billings, Montana at age 88.

  Children from this marriage were:

i. Morris Theodore Wold (born 24 Jul 1913 in Minot, North Dakota - died 14 Aug 1990 in McMinnville, Oregon). Morris married Susan Helen Crum. Susan was born 31 Jan 1913 in Minot, North Dakota.
ii. Arnold Wold (born 1920)
iii. Ole and Sissel were also briefly guardians of Dorothy Wold, the child of Ole's brother (Jacob/Jack) and Sissel's sister (Sigrid).

Third Generation (Grandparents)

  4. Martinus Pedersen Grønvold, son of 6. Peter Jacobsen Gaardereie and 7. Pernille Johannesdatter Lundereie, was born 22 Nov 1858 in Østre Toten, Norway, died 20 Nov 1935 at age 76 and is buried in the Totenvika churchyard in Østre Toten, Norway.

Martinus married
  5. Anne Mathea Olsdatter Snekkersveen, daughter of 8. Ole Christian Hansen and 9. Karine Pedersdatter. Anne was born 9 Sep 1858 in Højle Kolbu, married Martinus in 1884 and died 5 Feb 1949 in Balke aldershjem, Norway at age 90. She is buried with Martinus in the Totenvika churchyard in Østre Toten, Norway.

They are registered in the Norwegian census in Oppeland, Østre Toten, Grønvold farm in 1900. (Ole is listed as a son, but it indicates that he was a day laborer on a different farm, Skramstad mellem. Because he was living temporarily in Hjeldsengen in Østre Toten, his name is listed as Ole Peter Hjeldsengen. 15 years old and having to live away from home to earn money. He must have been planning then to leave for "the better life" in America.) Martinus is a farm owner with day work as a carpenter, as well as working occasionally at a distillery. Mathea is listed as a farmer's wife with income earned in the home from weaving and spinning. They had grain and livestock, but no poultry, beehives, fruit trees or vegetable gardens. [There is a distillery that neighbors the Grønvold farm. Farmers from the area brought potatoes there to be made into alcohol. As of 2008 the building is still there and is under major renovation.]

Children from this marriage were:

  i. Ole Peter Martinussen Grønvold Wold (born 14 Dec 1885 in Fjørkenstad, Toten, Norway - died 12 Jul 1970 in Minot, North Dakota). Ole married Sidsel (Sissel) Trondsdatter Kjøseie Kjos. Sissel was born 4 Sep 1890 in Vang Valdres, Søre Holtun, an "underfarm" on the Kjøs Farm, Norway, died 3 Aug 1979 in Billings, Montana at age 88.

Ole emigrated from Norway on his own at the age of 17. He left Oslo (Kristiania at the time) on the 10th of July 1903 on the S/S Montebello of the Wilson Line, which took thousands of Norwegian emigrants on the route Kristiania - Kristiansand - Hull, England. He signed the ship's register in Norway in such a way that there is no doubt that it was him: Ole Peter Martinussen Grønvold, age 17, carpenter, single. From Hull, Ole went to Liverpool, where he boarded the SS Tunisian, bound for Montreal, Quebec. He was still with the friend from his home town, Peder Jacob Antonsen and they departed Liverpool on 16 July 1903. They arrived in Montreal on 24 July 1903 (10 years exactly before the birth of his first son, Morris). Ole, is listed in the ship's manifest as O. P. Martinussen. (Page 14). Destination listed as Minnesota. 
However, Ole settled finally in North Dakota, and he sent money home as often as he could to help the family in the struggling economy of early 20th century Norway. He also sent money in order to help three brothers and one sister emigrate, as well: Klaus, Jakob, Mads and Petronella all followed Ole with 100 Norwegian crowns each in their pockets.
Ole left the life of a farmer behind him. The career he settled upon to make a living for his growing family was that of an engineer for Great Northern.

However, though he chose a life that was easier than farming, he never did lose his love of the land. Ole had beehives and vegetable gardens and fruit orchards on the land surrounding his home; he taught himself English and the art of building and running a greenhouse. And when he retired from the railroad, Ole continued working - and working hard. This time with his hobby: Wold's Greenhouses in Minot, North Dakota.

  ii. Klaus Grønvold (1887-1891)

iii. Petronelle Grønvold (1889-1891)

iv. Jakob Grønvold (1890-1893)

  v. Klaus Martinussen Grønvold was born 30 December 1891 in Grønvold, Østre Toten, Norway and died 1 April 1980.

Klaus was the next brother to emigrate to the US, traveling over to be with Ole in North Dakota. He left Kristiania (Oslo) on the 3rd of August 1910. Klaus went to America twice, eventually returning to Norway, where he settled, married and raised a family. He was a carpenter. 

Klaus married Ragnhild Hagelund (18 Apr 1903 - 25 June 1935). They had children
Children of this marriage:
i. Magnhild Grønvold (1925)
ii. Kristian Grønvold (1927)
iii. Ole Jacob Grønvold (1929)
iv. Norman Eugene Carlson (1935)

Klaus then married Hanna Arnesen (11 Feb 1907 - 26 October 1969)
Children of this marriage:
i. Aase Grønvold (1940)
ii. Maryann Grønvold (1949)

  vi. Jacob Martinussen Grønvold was born 16 November 1893 in Grønvold, Østre Toten, Norway and died in Jan 1958. Jacob married Sigrid Trondsdatter Kjøseie Kjos, sister of Sissel Kjos. Sigrid was born 1902 in Valdres, Norway.

Jacob was the next son to leave. He boarded the S/S Eskimo on 5 March 1912. Jacob americanized his name to Jack Wold and eventually settled in Seattle, Washington. Jacob and Ole married two of the Kjos sisters. However, Jacob's wife, Sigrid, died tragically young, leaving a small daughter, Dorothy, who went to live with Ole and Sissel Wold in Minot.

Jack Wold then married Olive (maiden name unknown). They had at least one daughter Dina May.

  vii. Mads Martinussen Grønvold was born 2 July 1895 in Grønvold, Østre Toten, Norway and died 2 Dec 1974. Mads married Nanna Hjell, born 19 Mar 1898; died 19 Dec 1976).

Children of this marriage:
i. Magnus Grønvold (1926 - 1983)
ii. Marry Grønvold
iii. Nancy Grønvold

Mads and Petronella were the next children to leave Norway. They went over together, leaving Oslo on the 28 of February 1915. Mads later returned to Norway.

  viii. Petronelle (Nellie) Martinussen Grønvold (twin to Albert) was born 17 January 1897 in Grønvold, Østre Toten, Norway.

Petronelle emigrated as written above in 1915. Nellie remained in the United States and married Johannes Carlson, becoming Nellie Carlsen and lived in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

  ix. Albert Martinussen Grønvold (twin to Petronelle) was born 17 January 1897 in Grønvold, Østre Toten, Norway

x. Anna Margrethe Grønvold (1898 - 1899)

xi. Anna Margrethe Grønvold (born 7 Oct 1900) married Johannes Stensrud

xii. Knut Grønvold (1902 - 1903).

Fourth Generation (Great-Grandparents)

6. Peder Jacobsen Gaardereie, son of 10. Jacob Johannesen and 11. Pernille Jørgensdatter, was born 6 August 1820, dies 2 June 1904, buried 13 June 1904.

Peder married 7. Pernille Johannesdatter Lundereie. She was born 10 October 1825 and died 21 April 1891. They were married 11 Jan 1847.

The children from this marriage were:
Martinus Petersen (Pedersen) born 22 Nov 1858 in Østre Toten, Norway, died 20 Nov 1935 at age 76. 

8. Ole Andersen Holje, son of Anders Hansen and Berte Paulsdatter, was born 7 December 1824 in Gran, Norway.

Ole married 9. Karine Svensdatter Dyste, daughter of Svend Andersen and Agnethe Nilsdatter Skjølsaas. Karine was born 7 August 1829 in Dyste.

Children from this marriage were:
i. Anne Mathea Olsdatter (born 9 Sep 1858 in Vestre Toten - died 5 Feb 1949 in Østre Toten, Norway).

Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandparents)

10. Jacob Johannesen, son of Johannes and Unknown, was born in 1790 and died 22 February 1862. He was buried 5 Mar 1862.

Jacob married 11. Pernille Jørgensdatter, daughter of 18. Jørgen Pedersen Holjestuen and 19. Pernille Olsdatter Nycklebye, was born 4 September 1786, died 14 September 1851, and was buried 22 September 1851.

Children of this marriage were:
Peder Jacobsen Gaardereie

12. Johannes Andersen, b. 1800, d. 21 Nov 1874, buried 30 Nov 1874.

Jacob married 13. Anne Pedersdatter

Children of this marriage were:
Pernille Jørgensdatter

14. Anders Hansen

Anders married 15. Berte Paulsdatter

Children of this marriage were:
Ole Andersen Holje

16. Svend Andersen, b. 1797, d. 1 May 1851.

Svend married 17. Agnethe Nilsdatter Skjølsaas. Svend and Agnethe were married 4 April 1823 in Hoff Hovedkirke, Østre Toten.

Children of this marriage were:
Karine Svendsdatter Dyste

Sixth Generation ( Great-great-great grandparents)

18. Jørgen Pedersen Holjestuen, b. 1756 in Røise (Toten), d. 14 May 1825, buried 20 May 1825 in Hoff Hovedkirke, Østre Toten.

Jørgen married 17. Pernille Olsdatter Nycklebye, b. 1760, d. 2 Feb 1818

Children of this marriage were:
Pernille Jørgensdatter Lundereie


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