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- The Scobey Crum's -

Claude Debussy Livres I, La fille aux cheveux de lin
Claude Debussy


Scobey - The Early Years

Paul Crum Homestead - Scobey, Montana
circa 1914

Scobey, Montana
4th of July 1913
The town was first incorporated in 1914


The children... growing up on the homestead... on the wind-swept prairies of the Montana Highline

As Irma wrote in "Patchwork," the family often went berry picking. Here are Billy, Honey, and Irma on one of those expeditions sometime  around 1915... Billy dutifully playing pack horse and hauling his pesky little sisters... all of them in their sun bonnets to protect them from that relentless, summer sun. Ingrid, their mother, sewed most, if not all, of their clothes. And later taught her daughters to do the same.

Billy Boy (Steve)
saving their play things
from the army worms

at the town house in Scobey
where the family lived in the winter
Honey (Susan)
with her Teddy Bear on the homestead about 1917

Taylor with
big sister Honey (Susan)
Betty - in front - 
with Honey (Susan) and Paul, Jr.
Paul, Jr.
about six years old

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