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Morris Theodore Wold

..... an athlete from the beginning....
He worked hard and ... the man loved to and knew how to play

A very young Morris, 1914-15 Morris, the gunslinger Morris, the adolescent
about 1927
Morris, high school
graduation, 1931
Morris, riding the rails out to Seattle, looking for work in the summer after graduation, 1931 Morris, Football, Minot State
Morris, the mountain goat Morris, the tumbler, Whitefish Lake
in the 30's
Morris, the diver
Morris, practicing with his gymnast group from the 1930's
Morris, on the parallel bars
Morris, the archer Morris, the archer
bull's eye
Morris, the cowboy
Morris, the great hunter,
gopher in hand
Morris, the fisherman
Trout Lake, Glacier
Morris, the golfer,
the early years
Morris, on the trail to Trout Lake Morris, the skater clown Morris, the Indian Chief
Morris, 1936 Morris, the photographer
Morris, the horseshoe champion Morris, coming up the rise to First Lake at Rosebud

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