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Emigration to America


Susan's Family

Susan was a second generation American on her mother's side, born of a Norwegian immigrant. On her father's side, a Crum was probably the most recent immigrant. But that remains to be discovered.


Susan's great grandfather and great grandmother:

Anders Knudsen Kirkeberg
Ingrid Siri Gundersdatter Jukam

With their first-born child, two-month-old Maria A., Anders and his wife Ingrid emigrated to the U.S. in 1848. They are listed as Anders Knudsen and Inger K. Knudsen on the passenger list for the bark Drafna, which left Drammen, Norway, on May 30, 1848, and arrived in New York on August 5, 1848. (NARA Roll #82, arr. no. 1059) The baby died during the 10-week journey and was buried at sea.

Anders and Ingrid lived first in Buffalo, New York, where Anders studied stone cutting and masonry, his trade in Norway. They later moved to Rock Prairie, Wisconsin, an area where Anders worked in the construction of many stone buildings, homes, churches and school houses. They finally crossed the Mississippi and settled on a farm near Gunder, Iowa.