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Emigration to America


Susan's Family

Susan was a second generation American on her mother's side, born of a Norwegian immigrant. On her father's side, a Crum was probably the most recent immigrant. But that remains to be discovered.


Susan's grandmother:

Gunhild Marie Eriksdatter Wold

In the 1865 Norwegian census from Søndre Aurdal, her name is listed as Gunnel Marie Eriksdatter. (Record 1175)

She emigrated from Norway to the United States in 1880 boarding the S/S Hero (D. Connelly Line) in Oslo (then called Kristiania, Norway) on 11 June 1880. (Listed as Gunhild Wold, Record number 22521 in Digitalarkivet: Emigranter over Oslo 1871-1930.) The Hero sailed from Kristiania to Hull, England.

She then boarded the steam ship "City of Chester" in Liverpool, bound for New York, arriving on 26 June 1880.

She settled in Postville, Iowa, with the family of Anders Knudsen Kirkeberg, her mother's brother. She and her first cousin, Gunder, fell in love and were married - apparently away from the rest of the family in 1881. We know very very little about Gunhild.