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The Kirkebergs
from Norway to Postville, Iowa to North Dakota
to a final resting place in Oregon

The home Anders built in Søndre Aurdal, Norway before
1848 when he and Ingrid Siri emigrated to the United States.
This picture was taken in 1892, three years before Anders died.
Anders Kirkeberg moved his family to Iowa in 1872 -
buying property south of Gunder, Iowa,
and building a house there.
Mother and Aunt, Ingrid Siri Gundersdatter Jukam, 1846 - 1909
 Father and Uncle,  Anders Knudsen Kirkeberg, 1822 - 1895
Sarah Kirkeberg and Carl Raugland married in 1891
Knud Kirkeberg, Gunder's older brother 1853 - 1931
It appears Gunder and Gunhild went to live with Knut
when they got married in Mayville, North Dakota
Sarah Kirkeberg Raugland, 1862 - 1960
Gunder's younger sister

Sarah was one of the few female alter artists.
She produced about three hundred altar paintings
before she stopped painting in 1918.
Gunhild Marie Eriksdatter
1858 - 1929
(photographed at the age of 50)
Ingrid Kirkeberg Crum's parents
Gunhild and Gunder Kirkeberg are buried side by side
in Eugene, Oregon in the Pioneer Memorial Cemetery
Gunder Andersen Kirkeberg
1855 - 1913
photographed here at the age of 52

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