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Sadly, however, every family has its burdens to bear... sometimes in the figure of cousins one cannot be rid of -
no matter what one does. The great and noble queens pictured above have their burdenous crosses to laboriously bear.


Ropearto, God love him

Any resemblance to Queen
Ephistena is purely

Found in a tattered hand bag in Queen Nynca's dustless attic is this rare picture of AN and ASSS as mere urchins on the steps of pappy's humble abode deep in the hills of Alabamy. The girls' true natures were becoming apparent even then.... Poor little ASSS....since that time it has been difficult to capture her elusive being on camera. She loved dear little cud'n Homer, but AN done stole his heart away with her weasely, wiley, demure little ways. It is rumored that Homer died in a defenestration but we all know there are no windows near stills - so maybe the rumor that he drowned in one of AN's pappy's stills is more likely - however, no proof has ever been adequately brought to the light of day. We can only wonder all these years later.... Did ASSS defenestrate him or ply him with likker and do away with him in the source of his second love... will we ever solve this deadly mystery of love, lust, passion, reckless drunkenness and violence?

(Evidence has come to light, however, that ASSS's pouchy little pockets were, indeed, full of snails and dead crickets and possum leavings.... ooh, look at that scowl. Now look at AN's prissy little folded hayands.... not to mention cud'n Homer's smug little smahl.... Poor little scruffy-toed ASSS. YA jist gotta luv 'er. She done wapped 'em upside the hayad jist after this here picture were taken by AN's ol' Pappy. And, no, we don't know which pappy that were... she dun had so many of 'em. Tarnation, she be a evil being what do torment Poor ASSS. Tarnation. An NO, I ain't parshul ta ASSS. I AIN'T.)