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Susan Helen "Honey" Crum Wold

An incredibly sweet little girl. An intricate, complicated, intelligent, and elegant woman and mother. She set her standards high for herself - and for those she loved.

A happy little girl. She told me so many stories about her days growing up in Scobey - both in town and on the farm. One of my favorites was her memory of having learned a new word: "snicker." She was little - five, six, seven. I'm not sure just how old, but the word in her mouth made her laugh. (It still makes me laugh to think of her.) So she ran outside and hid inside the hedge in front of the house, so she could say it out loud and snicker to her heart's content. Her father was sitting on the porch, reading the paper. And she would poke her head out of the bushes and whisper "snicker - snicker snicker snicker" then collapse in giggles on the ground. He never knew she was there - or at least he never let on that he did. Oh, Honey. You happy, little girl who loved to laugh... you never lost your love of words. In fact, nearly to the end you were still able to read upside down. Words. Thank you for making me learn to use a dictionary. You were right, Susan Helen Honey Crum.

She had a sense of humor that never left her  - we could make her laugh to the end. And through her long life, she never stopped either surprising or amazing us.

Thank you, Mom, for sharing life with us.


The earliest pictures of Little Honey
One year old in 1914
Honey, the cuddler
about 1917
Honey, so proud of her "flapper" hair
Honey and Taylor on the homestead High School Graduation
 A year early in 1930
The endless summers of sun at Stoney Point
Honey and sister Betty
"By way of personal comfort"
"This is me: Susan Helen Crum, Esquire"
Honey, 1938 Honey, the "Apple-Cheeked"
Susan, the poser 1940
Susan, the reader
In 1939, Honey worked in Yellowstone Park at Haynes Photography Studio. It was a happy summer.
Susan, the hitch hiker in Yellowstone Park Susan, of the finely turned ankles Susan, the woodcutter
Susan, Bathing Beauty Susan, Fisherwoman, with some brown little berries who were her nieces and nephews
Susan, on the way home from the hospital with with her first child and little Sissel, her mother-in-law Susan, young Girl Scout Leader Susan, Brownie Troop Leader
Susan, soon to be a mother for the third time Susan, posing as the frazzled mother of two messy-haired urchins
"Roses for my black-eyed beauty" Susan, Brownie Leader for number two, as well
Susan, relaxing at the lake Susan, the horticulturist Susan: never wore orange. Maybe this was why
Susan, the seamstress (and Lady loved her, too) Susan, with her first grandchild

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