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The Grønvold Family Album

Grønvolds: Ole, Mathea, Martinus Pedersen
The baby could be Klaus or more likely it could be
one of the many baby brothers and sisters who died in infancy.
Sissel, Ole's wife, said many years later: "Many of Ole's brothers and sisters died from a 'bad sickness' all at once in Norway. So sad. But Ole's mother was a big, strong woman and she got them all back and more.".
Anna Mathea Olsdatter and Martinus Pedersen
Oppegaard, Norway
Seems to be Ole at the very far left of the photograph - also Oppegaard
Young Grønvold Family,
about 1895
Ole in the back, about 10 years old
The Five Grønvold children who emigrated:
Back row left to right:
Ole, Petronelle, Jacob.
Front row left to right: Mads, Klaus
Martinus Pedersen Grønvold, 1858 - 1935
Anna Mathea Olsdatter, 1858 - 1949
Martinus and Mathea mid 1930's -
not too long before Martinus died in 1935.
Mathea at her spinning wheel,
not too long before she died in 1949.
Martinus and Mathea are buried side by side in a churchyard near the old Grønvold farm, which is no longer in the family.