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From Simon to Helen to Paul to Susan and her family...

Vivaldi Concerto pour violonscelle et orchestre Op. III , III Allegro
A. Vivaldi, J.S. Bach

 Helen Bixby's Immediate Family
The Painted Post Bixbys

Father: Simon Sherman Bixby
1823 - 1904
Mother: Osthilia (Phila) Theresa Lake Bixby
1830 - 1903
Simon Sherman and Osthilia Theresa Lake Bixby
taken in Santa Cruz about 1903 shortly before Phila died
Osthilia (Phila) Theresa Lake Paul's Grandma Phila in her horse cart in front of the house on Bixby Street, Santa Cruz, California
Big Sister: Irene Lake Bixby Milliard
1850 - 1939
Big Brother: Russell Rock Bixby
1852 - 1927
Helen Bixby Crum
1856 - 1885
Little Brother: Frank L. Bixby
1859 - 1943
Little Brother: Charles Amasa Bixby
1861 - 1923
Harriet (Hattie) Bixby Reynolds
1864 - 1951
Helen's Bible - our source of the very few, but intriguing bits we know about her
She signed it "Helen Bixby Books" and dated it Feb 1869. She was 13 years old then, so it was probably a confirmation present.