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Emigration to America


Susan's Family

Susan was a second generation American on her mother's side, born of a Norwegian immigrant. On her father's side, a Crum was probably the most recent immigrant. But that remains to be discovered.


Susan's great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather:

Joseph Bixby

Joseph was the first Bixby in the colonies and it is believed he traveled to the new world in about 1645.

The exact date of his coming to New England is not known but it was before 1638, as his name does not appear on the muster roll of Babergh Hundred, Suffolk in 1638, which should have embraced all able bodied males between the ages of sixteen and sixty, and on which his father's name appears. It is likely that he had already gone to New England.

The first American record of him is in 1647 on the eve of his marriage to his intended wife, the widow Sarah Hearde, Joseph signed a bond to provide for the proper bringing up and education of her two children by her late husband, Luke Hearde. They lived at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, later at Boxford.