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Morris Theodore Wold and Susan Helen Crum

These two met when Morris was hired to teach in Froid, Montana. (What an appropriate name for a town up on that cold Highline.) Susan was working in the bank and they met there. These two had the most incredible and horribly corny senses of humor... I'm afraid they unwillingly (nah - it was willingly) passed it on to their unwitting offspring... The quotes below are not mine! They are taken from the back of the photographs - okay, for the most part. 

Morris and Susan were married on 15 February 1941. The rest is history. See for yourself.

"Our first picture together: A sure sign of getting hitched." "Wilst Thou Be Mine?" "Help me up, Susan." Morris and Susan
in the Crum Roost Christmas 1940
"Penny for your thoughts?" Susan and Morris
"Crum Roost - Christmas 1940"
Susan coming out of the Froid Drug Store
Winter 1940
"Playing Bonnie and Clyde on the Lam"
(I am not making this up.)
Just Married: Glasgow 15 February 1941
With good friends Norris and Gerda
But then, not even a year later, Pearl Harbor was attacked and the US went to war - Morris was called to serve and had to leave his little family He took pictures with him while serving Susan did what she could to make the best of a sad situation. She went to Minneapolis and found work.
The war changed many plans - one of which was a honeymoon - it had to be delayed. But it was just as good! Who knows? Maybe better.
"Absence makes the heart grow stronger."
"Let's take our best friends with us on this delayed honeymoon - and the daughter Daddy missed so much while at war!" Now, THAT'S a honeymoon!
Taken just before departure once again
Last Stop Fargo
Life finally got back to normal. Dad went to work as a teacher and coach and finally in insurance, and mom created a home for the growing family. Rosebud, 1953
Minot, 1954 Rosebud with good friends
Fast Forward. Retired and the birds have flown the coop
Silverado 1980
Fast Forward again:- The year is 1984 and here you see two very very happy parents:
One of their daughters finally got out of that horrible relationship
In 1988, Morris finally convinced Susan to take a trip to Norway with him to see the old home of his father. I was lucky enough to go with them. The last picture I took of them together.  A little 4th of July picnic in Oregon 1989.
I returned home overseas just after. Dad died a little over a year after this was taken.

Together again           

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