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Emigration to America

Morris's Family

Morris was a first generation American born of Norwegian immigrants

Morris' father:
Ole Peter Martinusen Grønvold

Emigrated at 17 alone from Norway on 10 July 1903 leaving Oslo (then Kristiania) on the S/S Montebello sailing for Hull, England. Registered in the ship's list as Ole Peter Martinusen Grønvold.

Ole then boarded the S/S Tunisian in Liverpool, departing on 16 July 1903.

Ole arrived on the North American continent at Montréal, Quebec, Canada (registered in the ship's manifest as O. P. Martinusen) on 24 July 1903. His destination was listed as Minnesota. He didn't know it then, but exactly 10 years later, his future wife would give birth to his first son, Morris, the first generation American Wold.

The final leg of the journey was by rail as part of the package deal he purchased from the Allan Shipping Line. The line was eventually taken over by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.