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Irma and Honey (Susan)

The two were nearly inseparable growing up. Honey was promoted to the same grade as Irma in the second grade, which encouraged their being "connected at the hip." Honey used to laughingly tell me about how, in high school, they used to walk down Main Street of Scobey, arms slung around the other's neck, and giggle their way down the street - one foot in the gutter and one on the sidewalk. It still made her laugh all those years later. What made her laugh? The rolled eyes of the shop keepers: "There go the Crum girls..."

And then there was the time that Honey and Irma, also in high school, were hot and wanted more than anything a breath of fresh, cool air. A hard thing to find in the summer in Scobey. So they climbed to the top of the water tower in the middle of the night. Their poor mother, Ingrid, had to come and whisper as loud as she could so they could hear her but not loud enough for the neighbors to hear: "You two get down here! RIGHT NOW! You'll break your necks!"

Here come the two Crum girls.
Earliest picture of Irma - in doorway - with Billy
Minot, 1912
Earliest picture of Susan Helen (Honey)
Scobey, 1914
A happy little Honey under her sunbonnet
Dobbins girl, Honey, Irma
Irma at the town house
where they lived in the winters
Irma is on the far right, next to her is Honey
Taken in 1924, when they were in the 4th grade
Honey (Susan) 8th grade
"I had won a costume contest and I thought I was so beautiful...
the cat's meow."
Honey and Irma "playing" dress up in high school

The Gorgeous Irma

The Gorgeous Honey

Two Sisters
Irma and Honey

Two Sisters
Honey and Irma

Honey and Irma
"Dressed to the Nines - 1940"

Irma and Honey 1939

Two Sisters Susan and Irma
Summer 1952

Irma and Susan
Early 1950s

Two sisters - Susan Honey and Irma

Two sisters, Honey and Irma - standing in the wheat fields outside Scobey, Montana
Together again on a "pilgrimage" back to the farm
Behind them is the site of their father's homestead

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