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Paul and Ingrid Crum
Montana Pioneers
Halvorsen & Crum, Attorneys-at-Law
Paul on the left
Paul Crum
taken circa 1915
The Scobey homestead was
proved up 5 July 1918
(click for a larger view)
Paul's first car
Ford Model T
Ingrid - high school Ingrid Christine Kirkeberg Ingrid's recipe for
"Baked Beans as the Crum family likes them"
Ingrid Kirkeberg Crum
as Paul wanted her
The Gibson Girl
Paul Crum - school boy
Company B 1896 Paul - Military Academy - 1896 Paul Crum
A Different Kind of Soldier
Paul Crum, Sr.
Spanish American War, 1899
Paul Crum, Sr.
Dress Uniform 1900
1903 Fargo High School Football Team
Paul in back row, 2nd from the right
Crum and Atkins
Law Office 1908

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