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Billy (Stephen)
The Builder, The Inventor, and the Industrious, dearly adored, big Brother




Stephen (nicknamed Billy Boy by his father) first born of Paul and Ingrid


Close up of Billy, about age 6, as he industriously moved
all the children's playthings away from the invasion of the army worms

Billy, about 1919, with one of his first creations
(His father fired that cannon every 4th of July.)

The proud creator of The Flying Cloud

Another ship built by Billy

Billy built his own car.
It was a boat-tailed speedster with an airplane windshield

In the twenties, Billy also built a skating rink in Scobey - with a cat's head as the entrance


Scobey High School Football Team 1927
Stephen back row, 2nd from the left

Billy: Stephen Crum - high school graduation - 1927

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