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1945 - 1946

During WWII, Morris was with the Judge Advocate General. Just prior to being shipped home, he was granted compassionate leave to go to Norway and see his grandmother, Mathea. He went through Copenhagen in February, 1946 and on to Norway, taking hams, chocolate, cheeses, cigarettes, and nylon stockings with him. The Norwegians had suffered during the war and German occupation - and his Norwegian relatives welcomed the young American soldier with open arms. He had lost the ability to speak Norwegian but found he could still understand it. It was the only time he saw his Grandmother Mathea - she died not too long after.

"On the job with the Judge Advocate, Germany, May, 1945"
Morris in the background

"Outside our office - JAG: Gottingen, Germany, May, 1945"

Morris - in Copenhagen February 1946 - on his way to Norway -
to see where his father was born and raised and to meet the many relatives still there.

The Grønvold farm as Morris photographed it in 1946

Skis - Skreia 1946

Skiing with the relatives and neighbors

Sawmill, Skreia, 1946

On the way back up - to do it all over again


Morris skiing in Skreia, Norway

Mads's son - Morris's cousin

Morris - in Norway for the first time

Mathea Grøndvold, Morris's grandmother
in 1946 when he visited her (She was 87.)


Morris with his father's mother,
Mathea Grønvold

Morris with Mathea and Klaus's family
Haagensbakken, 1946

Mads, one of Ole's brothers who returned to Norway, and his family

An impromtu ski jump

As I said elsewhere, the Grønvold line is still going strong in Norway. ... though there may very well be a couple of ruthless imposters here. Inscrupulous imposters. Stalkers even. Shameful smudges on the fine family name.... what have we done to deserve this? We ask ourselves repeatedly. Ah, but to no avail. We are haunted ...