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- The Bixbys -
from Painted Post, New York to Santa Cruz, California

Helen Bixby Crum
Paul's mother - about 1876
Paul Crum in 1883
before Helen died tragically young
Paul at Camp Tra-la-la-boom-da-re
while living in California with his mother's family
Helen Bixby's five siblings.
Paul lived with the California Bixbys after his mother died. Left to right: Russel Rock, Charles Amasa, Hattie, Irene, Frank. This was taken "at Frank's place in Castro Valley" in June or July, 1908.
The 5 again - still together - perhaps 15 years later:
Left to right: Frank, Charles Amasa, Hattie, Russel Rock, Irene. Charles died in 1923, so it may be one of the last pictures taken of him.
Helen's surviving Siblings with their Spouses
Irma Reynolds,
daughter of Hattie
and favorite cousin of Paul's
Irma Reynolds
"High School Girl"
1887 - 1908
A picture of controversy:
On the back is written "Helen"
... IS it a picture of a young Helen Bixby? or is it another picture of Irma Reynolds? Who is this?